About Me

I was born in Paderno Dugnano, near Milan, in 1965. I studied electronics at the Salesians, then I graduated in electrical engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan. My studies led me to explore the themes of robotics, artificial intelligence but also the design of analog and digital electronic systems. While I carried forward studies, I developed robots for film and television, today used by RAI and Mediaset. I collaborated with the late Professor Marco Somalvico, a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence in Italy, producing the first series of the microrobot Autonomouse. Then I presented at the XVIII Triennale of Milan a performance-based autonomous microrobot. In 1999 I designed the Quantum (American Standard company), the first Fuzzy Logic tap in the world. In 1997 I gave birth to the Interactive Toys company for which I developed a dozen electronic devices. In 2002 I was one of the coordinators of the exhibition Cybugs at the Milan Triennale. In 2004 I was invited by the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic to create an exhibition in the summer residence of President A. Ciampi. In 2007 I founded RoboToons, a company for which I designed the BookLed, a cardboard web-enhanced book for children. Now in 2015, alongside consulting HW activities, I'm launching Gobee, a new company in the field of accessories for Sports & Action cameras.

Contact Details

Graziano G. Ravizza
Via Podgora, 59
20099 Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) - ITALY



Milan Polytechnic

Graduated in Electronic Engineering December 1999

I studied electrical engineering at the Milan Polytechnic. In addition to the Control and System Theory, I fell in love for the topics of Artificial Intelligence and micro-robotics. Along with the late professor Marco Somalvico, the pioneer of Italian Artificial Intelligence, during my studies at the Polytechnic I developed my first series of low cost micro-robots named Autonomouse.

Sesto San Giovanni Salesians

High School in Electronics 1985

I studied electronics at the Salesian school in Sesto San Giovanni. In addition to electronics, I must thank the Salesians for my scientific and ethics approach.


Logic brainstorm

HW & FW Electronic Designer January 1990 - present

I have a passion to design complex electronic devices. And I have a passion for cinema and television. I designed dozens of Robotic Camera Equipments in the field of film and television shooting. This is the field where I spent most of my life. Currently in 2015, in this field, I'm designing new systems for high dynamics and acrobatic shots using the Sprts&Action cameras. Actually I'm also designing Sensors for Safety and for Flow measurements and innovative Control Systems for packaging industry .

Movie Engineering

HW & Product Electronic Designer 2012 - present

For Movie Engineering I designed: Robotics television dollies Dollies for television studios that move along electromagnetic traces (FiloVia), Inertial gyro stabilized platforms for cinema and tv applications (StabilCAMS), Brushless high speed dollies, Tracking systems to connect all this equipments to virtual sets (Filogeo).

RoboToons Srl

CEO, Product Design September 2008 - December 2012

RoboToons was my startup in the filed of electronic kid's books. With RoboToons team I designed the BookLed, a cardboard book enhanced with leds, audio effects and an incredible web interface.

Interactive Toys Srl

CEO, R&D Manager 1997 - 2007

I founded the Interactive Toys company which was operating in the field of devices for PABX (fixed telephony). For Interacive Toys I designed a dozen of electronic telephony devices.


My main skill is to study the physics of the problem through analytical tools and simulations but then being able to carry on a practical solution using mems sensors and real time electronic controls. But another skill I have shown throughout these years is my creativity. Even here the complete list of my creative projects made with electronics is quite long (maybe because I started to play with electronics when I was a little over twelve years :-)

  • HW Analog & Digital Design
  • Firmware Development
  • Cypress PSoCs
  • RT Control Systems
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence
  • IoT & Wearables
  • Inertial Platforms & Gyroscopes

Client Testimonials

  • Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it.

    Steve Jobs
  • By working every day in the factory to produce something that we then see living and running in the streets of the world and returning to us in the form of wage, which then becomes bread, wine, and house for our family, we contribute to the vibrating life of the factory, to its smallest as well as to its biggest things, we end up loving it, growing fond of it and, in this way, it truly becomes part of us. The work becomes little by little part of our soul, like an immense spiritual forceā€

    Adriano Olivetti